Financial Controller

058 081 1551


HR Manager

050 009 9958


Manager- Insurance Relations

054 212 3777


General Manager

055 343 9019


Manager - Business Account 

054 593 8496


Manager - Operations

059 463 7271

Plan, direct and coordination of the administrative functions of the Road Echo Company. The sole responsible in the recruitment, interview and hiring of new staff.

With almost 10 years of expertise, all government issues and legal documents are being settled in timely manner.

Manage processes for financial forecasting and consolidation report of Road Echo Company. Develop and recommend annual operating plan that supports the Company long term strategy. Create, coordinates  and evaluate the financial controls and supporting information systems of the company

Highly knowlegeable, resourceful and award winning General Manager with extensive experience in all areas of car rental operations. With a track record of success leading medium large-volume companies and increasing new and used car sales by continously searching ways to imrpove customer satisfaction

Responsible in building and managing relationships with the General Insurance and Car Leasing companies. Responsible in increasing portfolio thoughnew sales, renewal and cross sales.

Oversee , manage and monitor day-to-day operations line of business.

Provide operational support for all aspects of closing the rental sales deals & maintaining the contracted volume & incentive rate documentation with all rental company customers.

Ability to manage day-to-day relationship with customers, including tracking orders and supporting customers’ needs

Confident presenter and effective communicator to guarantee seamless delivery of sales pitches and presentations

Communicated with sales professionals and customers to guarantee all promises were delivered

Timely, organized, and able to multitask to ensure all customers’ needs are met in a satisfactory way without compromising organizational efficiency.

Strengthen and maintain current business through constant communication, dependable product delivery, and trustworthy relations.